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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Elections is Over

The election is over. I wanted Kerry to win and thought he would. I have a feeling that Bush will screw up big time. 59 million American's just don't get the Republican greed machine. They have been duped by it again. American's were so concerned with gay marriage. Weather gays are married or not is not going to help you put food on the table, insure your family or educate your children.

Bush tried to market himself as a compasionate conserative. Perhaps as an individual he is. But he represents a party that is not. Just watch the Senate debates sometime, if you've ever been laid off, knocked down doors to find work you know what I'm talking about. Your unemployment benefits are going to run out and you desperately need the extention, unfortuately the Republicans block it, like they did in Dec 2003. Some call it an entitlement, perhaps it is, but why have the program if it can't be used?

The same with the minimum wage. For 7 years they have block it. Imagine not getting a raise for 7 years. Even a modest cost of living raise. After all the Senate votes themselves one.
I know what many will say, they can find another job if they are not happy. but put it in perspective, these people are earning minimum wage for a reason. Everyone deserves a cost of living raise, no matter how "low level" a job may or may not be. Americans need to wake up and realize that the Republican party is just smoke and mirrors. It's all about making as much money as possible. Now the Bush administration is working on CAFTA, does that mean more outsourcing? We will wait and see.

Bush wants to fix social security by creating private savings accounts. It may or may not be a good plan. Time will tell. But one thing I know that will definately help it is to remove the tax cap ceiling. Currently it is $87,700. After a person's wages break that year to date amount they no longer take out the 6.2% social security tax. Let's look at it closer. The top 2% pay the most taxes, in dollars that government takes in, around 80% of gross tax revenues collected. Hence why Kerry wanted to roll back the tax rate for those making over $200k to the old Clinton rate.
So why not just remove the social security tax cap? That would be a ton of money. It would definately fix the system. The problem is the mega rich don't need social security when they retire and it would be unfair to make them pay, right? Well where is the compasionate conserativism bush claims he has? See how you are getting duped. I have no problem paying into the social security system if it helps people.


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