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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The War on Terrorism

1: If 75% of Al-Queda has been captured or killed as Bush claims, how much of a War on terror can there be?

2: As we all know there were no huge stock piles of WMD's in Iraq, so the Bush administration backed peddled to use other excuses to invade Iraq and remove Sadamm.

If 9/11 did not happen would we be in Iraq? I would imagine that Bush would be treating Iraq like he is treating the N. Korea and Iran.

Also if the sanctions against Sadamm were not working as Bush indicated, they why did Sadamm want to wait until they were lifted to resume his WMD program? Oh, he wanted to wait until no one was watching him. So the sanctions were working.

Republicans spin it to their favor no matter what the facts are or how some event unfolds.
Just after the election, the last job report, indicated that 337k jobs were created. Not to shabby to Bush's credit. however, the unemployment rate rose slightly to 5.5% from a previous level of 5.4%. Yet, according to Fox News it was because more people entered the job market. Wait! Durring the months before the election, Republican supporters were selling "it's the lowest rate of unemployment since Clinton in 1996". It's the fasted growing economy in 20 years.
So the real figure of 5.4% was because many people left the job market only to return when the job market started to improve. It doesn't factually add up, It's the number of unemployment claims filed that measure the rate of unemployment so how can it be that more peopled entered the job market? Did they reopen their unemployment claims, or file a new one? You can only open or reopen an unemployment claim due to a lack of work or a slow down.

The truth is that when it was 5.4% many people did give up on finding a job, so that number is inaccurate. Yet the Republicans used it to make themselves look good. When it rose back to 5.5% they again used the "more people re-entered the job market" to justify the slight increase.
They want to take credit both ways. It's just another example of Americans getting duped by Republican spin.


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