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Friday, April 15, 2005


There is no doubt that American's are taxed to death. The Government wants a share of any money made. The tax code is 9 million words, 11 thousand pages long. I hope the team Bush assigned to look into it does some radical overhauling . We'll know this July. One thing I'll bet it favors the rich big time.

I love when wealthy people whine about tax increases. They whine because they are caught up in the Republican greed machine. Who's the goverment going to tax the middle class, the poor, they have no money.

Evey notice how many books well off people write? Seems almost everyone that has a fox news show has written a book. They're just caught up in the Republican greed cycle. I wonder if they realize that if they just sold their books to the rich, they'd make squat of it.


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