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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Democrats are Chasing a Loser.

It's ben a while since I've added my two cents to Webbahs' blog.

If it was my job to get the Democrats back in office here is how I'd do it.

Whinning about the wire taps is a big loser for the Democrats. Given the choice of thawarting a potential terrorist attack or easedropping on Grandma's secret receipt is a no-brainer. Alone it's a big loser.

The only winning arguement is if they tie it to border protection. "How can Bush claim the wire taps are necessary for National Security when he allows illegals to cross the border in truck loads and dig 'pot' tunnels?"

Speaking of illegals, Bush's guest worker program is another big loser. He calls it protectionism. I say "correct". Let's protect American jobs. For the Democrats the winning arguement is simple. "Bush wants to give your job away."

Democrats always seem to appear "wishy-washy". I agree, they are never on the same page like Republicans. I attribute this mostly because they are independent thinkers and tend to recklessly state their honest opinnion many times giving the opposition a sound bite they can spin.

However, they need to get on the same page in two areas.
1: Stop letting Republicans refer to them as Liberals. All their talking-heads need to jump on the use of the 'Liberal' label, immeadiately and consistantly. They let pro Republican supporters tie them to, too many far left statements.

2: Stop the direct Bush bashing. When they want to criticize an issue, use "The Republicans" and attack the party as a whole. Americans already know Bush is a Republican.

I mentioned Bush's health care saving accounts in a previous blog. He's back on that again. It's a loser also. Many Americans are financially hard pressed already. How much could someone possibly save for healthcare? What is the cost of a single doctors visit?

As you know, the oil companies are recording record profits, in the billions. I'm curious to know if all their employees are "full time" with employee benefits or are just temporary workers?

However, that's the exception. Many employers honestly can't afford to provide decent health insurance to their employees. Others are just greedy and want to replace higher paid workers with lower paid workers or temps. Just a thought, what if the employer, the employee and the placement agency each paid one third of the health insurance premiums? Could that provide temp workers with some sort of health insurance coverage?


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