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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sean Hannity

This guy is the king of spin. I call him Sean Insanity. I also refer to him as a broken record.
He accuses some democrats as being on the wrong side of history. This clown is on the wrong side of reality.

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter makes frequent appearances on Fox news. Sometimes I get the impression that Fox news can't get any straightforward guests so as a last resort they get Coulter. She comes off so anti-liberal that it is hard to take her seriously. How did she get so bitter and hateful?

VP Cheney

Did anybody notice that Cheney only thanked the moderator and not Edwards?
He showed his real lack of class on that.

I bet he lost what little African American votes the Republicans might get by voting against making a holiday for Martin Luther King. Not to mention voting against the Meals on Wheels.

Bush's Health Care Saving Accounts

President Bush's health care saving accounts are just another way of letting corporations off the financial hook and passing the cost on to Americans.