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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Democrats Are Angry

The New York Times published something about the Democrats being angry. I didn't read it but had Fox and Friends on and they were talking more about the Democrats than the party they back.

This brings up two ironic thoughts I had. One was just minutes ago, when I was writing the Cavuto, Limbaugh post. I was wondering if Limbaugh ever listened to a recording of himself? I remember a mother and daughter that always were at each other. I recorded about 5 minutes of them and played it back for them. They made me turn it off.

The second thought occured a about two weeks ago, I was watching someone on tv and remember saying to myself, the Democrats won't win until they get over the anger.

I'd say some Democrats are angry but I think the party is frustrated. They lost the 2000 election by a ballot fluke and the Republicans duped many American's over the gay marriage issue in 2004.

I get the feeling that Republicans don't really like gays, although they'll never admit it. Gay people don't bother me one way or another. Weather gays get married or not has no effect on my life what so ever. I stressed this point over and over again during the 2004 election. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to think back to the last time I actually saw a gay couple. I can't believe so many got duped by Carl Rove.

Ok, back to the angry Democrats. They need to curb the Bush bashing. There are just too many facts they could be using. "The Republican party wants to start a guest worker program that is going to give your job away because they only care about corporate America."


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