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Friday, February 03, 2006

Sean Hannity and Fox News

Normally I change Hannity and Coombs. I can not stand Sean Hannity. I think he is bad for the country. Coombs is ok though, a little weak in his arguements but ok just the same. Anyway, I was on my way out the door and some guy was on and although I didn't quite catch the full segment, he was accusing Hannity of "Cheezy Ambushes". Something to do with a controversial cartoon.

"Cheezy Ambush" is the perfect statement. I've been saying FNC sets people up big time. Uusally Democrats. However, Bill O'Reilly is the worst. I used to watch him but have come to realize his agenda. It is pretty much the ACLU and the Liberal Media night after night.

I call him a Bush protectionists. He will not report on anything that will discredit the Bush administration except maybe if the omission will appear too obvious, like the border issue. Watch the next time bad Bush polls come out, he'll play them down.

He likes to discredit and embarass Democratic guests he is not in agreement with. He had that mock Kerry interview in the O4 election for refusing to appear on his show, burried Susan Estridge one night when she was promoting her Hillary Clinton book, but gives Dicks Morris a pass when he is promoting his Condi vs. Hillary book.

Actually most of Fox News omits newsworthy items? Fox and Friends are really guilty at it. If you watch Lou Dobbs you get more of a snapshot of what is going on in the country. It may be a little exaggerated but Fox News deliberately omits information that may be bad for the Bush administration.

Plus you can always tell where one of these people stand. Fox and Friends had Col. Hunt on and he wouldn't spin it their way and you could see it in their faces and hear it in the tone of their voices, they weren't too happy about it. Don't they know Hunt is a straight shooter?

If you have time at 6pm est. flip between CNN's Lou Dobbs and Fox's Brit Hume and see what each is covering.


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