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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney accidently shot his buddy with bird shot while quail hunting. This has been the topic all week. Anyway, why isn't Cheney out hunting the terrorists and leave the helpless quail alone?

Although getting shot is no laughing matter and we wish the injured gentleman a full and fast recovery what is a laughing matter is the spin.

We all know Cheney wanted to control the story, hence the 22 hour delay. This is how they think. They all think in terms of political power, how to get and once they have it how not to lose it.

Cheney interviewed with Fox's Brit Hume. FNC is GOP tv. They love the Bush administration. He said he takes full responsibility, glad to see someone in politics taking responsibility for something. After all whom does he want blame, the quail?

What's even worse is FNC had several guests telling us what a swell guy Dick Cheney is. I don't see it, the polls don't reflect it.

This guy is next in command of our country. What matters is his judgement, his decision making and his honesty.


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